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Tom Blackford

Hello, I’m Tom Blackford, born on the 18th of January 1984 in the scenic county of Suffolk, England. Throughout my life, I have endeavoured to transform into a leading figure in the modern world of gambling, continually driven by my passion for business, an appetite for calculated risks, and an indomitable spirit.

Intro: Several Words About Tom Blackford

Position: Casino Expert, Author (unboundcasinos.com)

Gambling experience: Since 2006 as an enthusiast, and since 2016 as a professional

Favourite games: Poker Is My Love

Life philosophy: God Plays Dice

Favourite books: 1. Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland. 2. Mark Balestra. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Gambling. 3. Abagnale Frank, Redding Stan. Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake

Contact: [email protected]

The Way to Play Big: Personal Experience

I was always a curious child, which led me to pursue higher education at the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE), where I earned a degree in Business and Finance. This formative experience not only sharpened my analytical abilities but also stoked the embers of my entrepreneurial spirit.

Background and a first experience with gambling

Post-graduation, I immersed myself in the corporate world, working for a well-regarded investment banking firm in London. Although I found success there, making a mark with my strategic decisions and innovative ideas, I began to crave a different path, one less rigid and more creative. The catalyst for my journey into the gambling industry came unexpectedly during a poker game with friends on a chilly winter’s night. I found myself captivated by the nuances of the game, the blend of probability, psychology, and strategy, and I realized it shared similarities with my work in finance. The seeds of interest in the casino industry were sown.

Despite facing significant challenges, the most notable being the self-exclusion scheme, Gamestop, which posed a barrier to new entrants in the market, I saw an opportunity. I firmly believed in the concept of personal responsibility when it came to gambling and the notion that players should have the freedom to make their own decisions. Hence, I championed the cause of non-Gamestop casinos.

My journey is a testament to dedication, perseverance, and innovation. From my academic years at the London School of Economics to my venture into the thrilling world of casinos, I have blazed my own trail, always guided by my steadfast belief in personal responsibility and freedom of choice. As I continue to push boundaries in the gambling industry, I hope my journey serves as an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs and casino enthusiasts alike.

The Allure of the Modern Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry presented a fascinating blend of calculated risk, strategy, and psychology, eerily reminiscent of my finance background. I was initially drawn to its dynamic nature during a poker game, seeing an untapped market space beyond the constraints of traditional corporate life.

Despite significant hurdles such as Gamestop’s self-exclusion scheme, the industry’s charm lay in the potential for innovation and the freedom of choice it offered players. This compelling mix of challenges and opportunities appealed to my entrepreneurial spirit, driving me to establish my casino, redefining industry norms, and making it a leading non-Gamestop entity in the UK.

Money vs. Thrill: What is More Important?

While the allure of financial gain in gambling is undeniable, for me, the real attraction extends beyond the lure of money. The thrill of the game, the strategic moves, the calculated risks, and the element of chance hold an equally potent allure. It’s a captivating blend of probability, psychology, and strategy, akin to a cerebral dance.

Yes, the potential for a significant payoff is exciting, but it’s the game itself, with its unpredictable twists and turns, that keeps me riveted. The gambling world is a dynamic arena where the thrill of the game often outweighs the pursuit of financial gain.

My Reasons to prefer online gambling over traditional forms

My preference for online gambling over traditional forms is rooted in its innovation, accessibility, and versatility. Online platforms provide a dynamic space for introducing pioneering ideas, like incorporating blockchain technology for fairness. They break down geographical boundaries, enabling players from all over the world to participate, creating a diverse and global gambling community.

The flexibility and convenience it offers, allowing one to play anytime and anywhere, significantly add to its appeal. Furthermore, online gambling provides a platform for developing advanced self-limit tools and enhancing personal responsibility. For me, online gambling is the future, blending tradition with modern technology for an unparalleled experience.

View on Recent Changes in the Gambling Industry

The gambling industry has undergone a transformative evolution over the years, notably transitioning from traditional physical casinos to the digital sphere. The advent of technology has introduced enhanced accessibility, convenience, and innovation, enabling players globally to partake at any time.

Developments like blockchain technology have been integrated to ensure fairness and security, while advanced self-limit tools have been designed to promote responsible gambling. Despite challenges such as Gamestop’s self-exclusion scheme, the industry has continued to evolve, allowing for the emergence of non-Gamestop casinos. It’s a testament to the industry’s resilience, adaptability, and continual drive for advancement.

Outro: Where do We Go?

In conclusion, my journey from the London School of Economics to the online gambling industry has been one of relentless pursuit, curiosity, and calculated risks. The world of online gambling, with its blend of strategy, probability, and psychology, is a captivating arena that continues to evolve and innovate. Throughout my career, I’ve championed the cause of personal responsibility, pushing boundaries to redefine industry norms. As we look to the future, the promise of technology and the commitment to responsible gaming are set to shape the next chapter of this dynamic industry. Here’s to the thrill of the game and the journey ahead.

Reflection on my journey and Its Challenges

Reflecting on my journey, from the academic halls of LSE to the pulsating world of online gambling, it’s been a path marked by perseverance, calculated risks, and innovative thinking. The greatest lesson learned is the value of personal responsibility and freedom of choice, guiding principles I’ve brought into the casino industry.

Facing challenges, like Gamestop’s self-exclusion scheme, I’ve learned that obstacles can be transformed into opportunities with principled leadership and a proactive mindset. Embracing change and technology, from blockchain to self-limit tools, has reinforced the importance of adaptability. Above all, my journey underscores the thrilling unpredictability of both life and the game.

What I aspire for the future of online gambling

For the future of online gambling, I hope to see a harmonious blend of innovative technology, responsible gaming, and player freedom. I envisage the industry adopting more cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain to enhance the player experience and ensure fairness. The emphasis on responsible gaming will grow, with advanced self-limit tools being standard.

I also hope to see regulations strike a balance, protecting vulnerable players without compromising on the principles of personal responsibility and freedom of choice. Ultimately, my vision is of an industry that offers a thrilling, dynamic gaming experience, while championing player well-being and personal accountability. 

An Advice for Newcomers

To those interested in joining the world of online gambling, remember that this journey is one of knowledge, discipline, and responsibility. Educate yourself about the games, the strategies, and the industry regulations. Set a budget, stick to it, and utilise self-limit tools to manage your gambling activities. Be open to the thrills and opportunities of online gambling but maintain a healthy relationship with it. Choose platforms that not only align with your interests but also uphold your values. Remember, gambling is not just about financial gain, it’s about the thrill of the game and the enjoyment it brings. Happy gaming!